Team Building

As we are aware of the great benefits Dragon Boat brings to its players, we are providing a program for amateurs who want to strengthen their team skills while enjoying their time. Through our Team-Building Program, you can form a small team (at least 8 members) and join our practices to develop your skills and have some fun.

Our Program

We offer 2 exercises that develop teamwork in an innovative way

Classic Dragon Boat Exercise

•where your team will learn the basics of this traditional sport.
•A Dragon Boat holds 12 to 22 paddlers, riding on a dragon-shaped boat, where their frequency and coordination is only determined by the rhythm of the drummer who is in charge of orchestrating their movements.

Dragon Boat Tug of War Game

• where members will experience the Dragon Boat in a completely new and fun way.
• Experience this new fun twist on Tug of War, and paddle as hard as you can in the opposing direction of the team in front of you to pull the boat to your side of the line.

Join Our Team- Building Program

We offer team building program at our Dragon Boat Egypt Academy at Royal Club Mohamed Aly
Participating fees is 250 L.E/ session for 2 hours each teammate
The program includes Classic dragon Boat Training and Dragon Boat Tug of War

For Booking and inquiries, contact us via